Friday, November 4, 2011

November Giveaway! - Sweet Pink Banane Taipei worth RM 360!

A Banane Taipei Bag! In sweet pink, worth RM 360!!

This giveaway is really simple, follow the instructions and the winner will be announced on 1 December!

Giveaway ends on 11.59 p.m ( Malaysian time) , 30 November 2011 and is open internationally.
1) Like my FB Page: TGIF Malaysia (compulsory)
2) Name and email ( 1 entry )
3) Become a follower of this blog ( 1 entry )
4) Blog about this giveaway ( 3 entry )
5) Place this blog on your blogroll ( 3 entry )
6) Share this November Giveaway photo on your facebook wall ( 2 entry )
7) Click the Nuffnang advertisement either at the side of the blog or on top of the blog. (1 entry)
For this first giveaway, I bought this Banane Taipei bag with my own money, thus the next giveaway will be purchased using the money earned from Nuffnang. :)
The more you click, the more expensive the next giveaway will be ^^

Total possible entries : 11 entries

comment on this post with the following to be eligible to join:

GFC ( Google Friend Connect ) :
Email ( to contact the winner ):
FB name:
Blog giveaway post:
Blog ( if your place this blog on your sidebar) :

As I am unable to determine whether you did click on the Nuffnang ad, I will automatically add one extra entry when I chose the winners via

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