Friday, April 29, 2011

Contest: Are You Care Enough?

Who could enter this contest and how? I would say everyone. You don’t have to be my follower or anything (but if you do, that would be lovely). Just like my FB Page so that it would be easier for me to get in touch with you guys. For bloggers, you could perhaps do an entry about this and let me know about it. You could choose any picture from my blog (please go through the gallery) and pick one of your favourite and tell me why you choose that specific photo. I need to see your perspective, ideas or even opinion about the photo and maybe how I could make it more interesting in your eyes. You are allowed to copy that photo but strictly use it for this contest only! For those who doesn’t have blog, you could also enter the contest. Just do the same and send it to my email: Feel free to write in English or Malay or both. I’m totally cool with that and don’t forget to state your name to prevent any difficulties.

i love first glance it looks like a black & white picture...and the only coloured thing is you...heheh...then i realize it wasn't black and white was sooooo nice...white flowers...and one happy person which is you admiring the scene...

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Chybee said... [RePLy]

hehehe...looks like black and white picture ea? hehehe...maybe the pink is too pale and the black is too obvious :p

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